480_133_csupload_67108390What is SoulCollage®?
SoulCollage® is an artistic and intuitive process, created by Seena Frost, where you use your imagination and intuition to select powerful cut-out images to create your cards. Gradually you create a deck of your own personal cards.

Your cards help you to explore your Soul, your Shadow, and your inborn gifts. Anyone who wishes can create cards men, women, the young and elderly. You will access your inner artist- they are very easy to make. You will come to cherish your cards. Some cards will symbolize the inner parts of your self such as your Inner Child or Inner Critic. Others will be more mythic and mysterious and will represent Larger-Story energies who are guiding you, archetypal patterns that weave through your life. The patterns of your path will begin to emerge.

I offer introductory classes as well as more advanced ones. Please contact me at 541-890-1897 or at for more information and a current schedule of classes. I also utilize this process in my therapy and coaching sessions.